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Become a Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) in Campus Operations

Complete 12 training courses from the list below to become a Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) in Campus Operations. The CHEP certification is awarded by the National Association of State Administrators and Supervisors of Private Schools. CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any training area. Institutions that provide training opportunities for their operations team to earn and maintain the CHEP certification may display the Excellence in Campus Operations Recognition Seal on their websites.

Core A minimum of 6 courses must be taken from the core training area. FA110 - Developing an Efficient Financial Aid OfficeFA120 - Default Prevention: A State of MindFA210 - Application Process: Verification, C-Codes and PJFA230 - Financial Aid Management - Compliance without CompromiseFA231 - Regulatory Compliance - Outside the Financial Aid OfficeOP105 - Developing a Five-year Plan for Your Educational InstitutionOP106 - Developing New Programs: Research and SelectionOP110 - Developing Effective Advisory and Governing BoardsOP115 - Hiring the Right Faculty for Your InstitutionOP121 - Managing Online Faculty at a Distance
CM101 - Internal Audits: Building a Compliant CampusCM102 - Raising the Bar - Compliant Communications with StudentsCM104 - Compliant Interactions: Acting with IntegrityCM140 - Title IX and VAWA Training: Building Safer CampusesCM141 - FERPA and Privacy: A Practical ApproachCM150 - Understanding the Language and Intention of Accreditation StandardsCM151 - Onsite Visits – Be Ready AnytimeCM251 - Students with Disabilities: Legal Obligations and OpportunitiesCM301 - Compliance Training for Texas School DirectorsCM305 - Ohio Postsecondary Education's Regulatory EnvironmentML116 - Writing SkillsML117 - Presentation SkillsML118 - Coaching SkillsML119 - Persuasion SkillsML120 - Feedback SkillsML121 - Negotiation SkillsML122 - Difficult InteractionsML133 - Goal SettingML134 - Career ManagementML135 - Time ManagementML136 - Stress ManagementML139 - Customer FocusML140 - Marketing EssentialsML141 - Finance EssentialsML142 - Budgeting EssentialsML143 - Creating a Business CaseML144 - Creating a Business PlanML145 - Process ImprovementML146 - Measuring PerformanceOH101 - Ohio 2017 Compliance Training for Director PositionsRT101 - Improving Retention through Timely InterventionRT102 - Orientation and First Week Activities to Increase RetentionRT103 - Implementing Successful Student Retention StrategiesRT104 - Best Practices to Enhance Student RetentionRT105 - Raising the Bar to 'First-Class' Customer Service